Small Town Drama

Sam's was an awesome pizza joint! I really loved the atmosphere and their meat lovers pizza was the bomb!- Former Maybee Mayor Leonard Gaylor (he most definitely did not say this, although he may have been a fan of the meat lovers pizza!)

September 20th, 2021

Maybee, Michigan, a town located in the northwestern portion of Monroe County is one of which you probably have never heard of. The small farming community is home to just over 500 residents, and with the town being so small, there are very few dining options to choose from. Residents of the town rally around the few existing restaurants and support them. The Little Brown Jug is a traditional American restaurant and has basically owned the residents of Maybee's wallets since its establishment in 1977. There have been several attempts by other restaurants and various pizza places to compete against the small town giant, but did so to no avail, with many of the Jug's potential competitors closing up shop. That was the case earlier this month with its most recent competitor, Sam's Pizza, closing its doors.

Sam's Pizza had been the strongest competitor to compete with the small town monopoly of the Little Brown Jug. The pizzeria first opened in the late 90s, going through multiple different ownerships along the way. Throughout its history, the pizza place was never really that good until its most recent owner turned the place around and had sales higher than ever, which ultimately ended in one of the most unprecedictable ways possible.

One August Evening

Summer had been winding down and there were not many days left until school would return in session. My family and I had decided to give Sam's Pizza a call. To no avail, nobody answered the phone and their website was nowhere to be found on the internet. We were forced to order pizza elsewhere and where wondering what was going on with Sam's Pizza.

Several days went by and rumors started to spread about the owner, and people began to wonder if they were true. If in fact these rumors were true, what a crooked man he must be. After waiting another few days, the rumors were indeed true and he was everything that they said he was. I will not go into detail about it but to keep it short and sweet, lets just say he had a criminal history stretching the length of I-75 and in many different areas. With the breaking of this simply awful and disgusting news, residents were appauled. So many people had supported him and his business and to have that news break on him was very devistating. Sam's Pizza closed down in the wake of this terrible news and the owner is currently going through court at the writing of this.

So what's next for Sam's Pizza. Well, the restaurant has been permanently closed but there is talk of a revival, with several rumors floating around the airwaves about a potential rebranded and new pizza place opening in the building that once was Sam's. Only time will tell, however, the legacy of what was a great pizza place, will never be viewed in a positive light ever again!

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